Buying a Home in a CRAZY Pennsylvania Sellers Market! (VIDEO)

We were recently asked this question by a first time home buyer. "What are your thoughts and general strategy for buyers in this existing market?" Honestly, this is a fantastic question and one that is on the minds of many, many buyers in today's market. The real question they are wondering is, "how can I stand out as a buyer in this crazy sellers market?" It is very tough right now to buy a home and even more difficult as a first time home buyer. The first time home buyer pool is being pushed out due to ever increasing home prices, competing against cash offers, and low interest rates. As difficult as it can be, there are certain ways you can prepare yourself and set yourself apart from other offers. In this video, I go into a deep dive as to what you can expect to happen when buying a home in Chester County, Pennsylvania. These same things will hold true for most of the country too. If you have any questions about what is happening in the market and how you can success as either a buyer OR seller, click the link below to set up a time to chat or call us anytime at 484-999-0218!

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